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Winter Parking
Posted on Oct 15th, 2020

All vehicles left in any of our parking lots need to be labeled with your member lot number and a contact phone number.   As many of you know, our parking lots fill up quickly, especially on weekends in the winter months. Please be sure you have printed papers with your lot number in your glove compartment ready to display for you and your guests so that we know it is Legacy Members using the lot that all of you have paid for.   Please report any cars you see whose occupants seem to not be heading up towards the Legacy Mountain Area.  This is a private parking lot for Legacy Mountain Members and Guests as our posted sign instructs.  Because it is private property, this can be reported to the local sheriff's office in Fairview not Mt. Pleasant. 
We remind all of our members to be courteous and mindful of other members when you park. 
The upper parking lot is available for snow vehicles and snowmobile trailers that will be left there all winter.  After the first snow falls no wheeled vehicles will be allowed in the upper lot because the area will not be plowed.  First of all, we want anyone leaving their snowmobile trailers to be able to enter and exit their trailers and in order to do that, they must have snow. Second, we do not want wheeled vehicles to get stuck.  
Anyone with snowmobiles who will be coming and going during the winter can offload near the snow gate and park in one of the lower areas. 
We would like to remind you that keys can be acquired for the snow gate if you have a vehicle that is too large to fit through the small opening next to the locked gate. (Anything larger than a side by side with tracks on it will not fit through the small opening.)  Keys can be obtained from our Treasurer, Judy Berg, 801-597-1557.  Please leave a message. There is a key deposit fee of $50.00.  You can mail a check to 6171 Don Leone Drive, Taylorsville, Utah 84129 and a key will be assigned to you and mailed out. 
We want to remind everyone that the snow gate should not be bypassed by driving up over the hill.  We continue to place larger and larger rocks and people still drive over them.  Once one person has driven up over the hill then everyone thinks they can too.  Our next idea is to place a fence which will be an added expense for the owners. 
We look forward to seeing you enjoying your property this winter.  Pray for snow, maybe just not as much as last year. 
Legacy Mountain HOA Board
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