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About Us

Legacy Mountain is a gated mountain cabin community with over 200 mountain lots between 1-8 acres along the summit line of the Wasatch Plateau reaching elevations of 9,000 feet above sea level. Three subdivisions comprise the Legacy Mountain Home Owners Association: The Meadows, Skyline Heights and The Hollows.
Sanpete County has zoned all of Legacy Mountain as residential.  Cabins are to be at least 1,800 square feet in size which includes the combined total square footage of the main level, any basement or upper level living space, excluding porches and/or decks.  No structures such as trailers, lean-to's, or yurts are allowed on Legacy Mountain lots except as temporary quarters during the building process.  Those wanting to put a trailer in place on their lot while construction is going on must have a valid building permit for their cabin.  Trailers which are "visiting" on a lot, sometimes referred to as seasonal trailers, are allowed to remain for thirty days, after which they must vacate the lot.
Lots on Legacy Mountain are fully improved with electrical power available through Mount Pleasant City and a running water connection through Legacy Sweetwater.  Most cabin owners also use propane to provide heat inside their cabins and to fuel their water heaters. 
Legacy Mountain provides breathtaking panoramic views and plentiful wildlife to enjoy.  Excellent winter sports such as snowmobiling, sledding, and snowboarding can be done from late November into April, and superb 4-wheeling, mountain biking and hiking from May to October or early November. A gated community offers added security.
 Nearby activities such as hunting, fishing, golf and swimming are also available in season.